Ignorance Made Us Monstrous

by General Ludd (Mrs, Deceased)

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I will frankly admit that the "story" of this EP is totally unapparent from listening to the music. I initially set out to just write a techno EP, more or less on a whim, with nowt in particular in mind. Gradually, it mutated into a sort of Frankenstein / eco-disaster theme. Basically, although I still haven't gotten back involved with political activism, I have been attending some permaculture type events organised by the new Transition Sunderland group, and I suppose the generally fucked up state of the planet has been on my mind as a result. For me, the central idea of this EP is the unwitting destructiveness of humanity, causing harm not so much from malice as from ignorance, all neatly summed up by the scene in the James Whale-directed version of Frankenstein where the creature throws the little girl into the lake, supposing she would float just like the flowers.

Anyway, all that aside, the "General Ludd" moniker has no real significance beyond the fact that doing a techno EP under that name amused me. And I am generally a fan of the historical Luddites: working class heroes and all that.

The writing process for this one was quite extended due to me moving house in the middle of it. It was begun on 8/8/16, then left on hold, picked up again in early September, then put on hold again, with the bulk of it finally being written between 10th - 22nd Oct 2016.


released October 24, 2016

All tracks written, produced, mixed and mastered by Neil O'Brien. This is a home-made record.




PigFuckingSick Sunderland, UK

PigFuckingSick has become the outlet for a series of one-off projects from Neil O'Brien, who has previously released a total shit-ton of music of all flavours under the Rude Corps moniker. As with the Rude Corps stuff, everything is written and produced with Renoise. ... more

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